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Holothurian capable person of a kind of Chinese traditional medicine is belonged in the life, also belong to a kind of food likewise, just the price is costlier. Fortunately present life quality promoted, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
There also was enough money among the pocket of common people, a kind of luxury is belonged to euqally before holothurian nature won’t resemble. Have a way holothurianly or have a lot of, for instance holothurian soup is waited a moment. So, feed namely what to eat a law holothurianly after all to have?

Feed namely what is having a way holothurianly?

Feed namely holothurian disconnect through craft holothurian and complex element catenary, and will holothurian important activeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Nutrient material stays inside holothurian body, need not epispastic, direct edible, still can be absorbed adequately to use by human body.

Feeding holothurian advantage namely is: Save trouble, edible rises to go to the lavatory simply. Prevented domestic user bubble hair doing is holothurian and the appearance that causes nutrient prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, also reduced bubble at the same time the great waste that creates when hair doing is holothurian. Feed holothurian bad namelyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Situation be: Because accept treatment craft restriction, feed holothurian mouthfeel respect namely general softer, the photograph is more epispastic than Yu Ganhai ginseng, flavour somewhat1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai are talkedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Feed namely what is having a way holothurianly?

Store method

Below 18 degrees of 0 freezer are refrigerant store.

Edible method

Feed namely holothurian use vacuum more individual pack, bag change aspic to be fed namely, change aspic character naturally best, it is to pass cold water or aspic of tepid to hydrate next.

Feed holothurian treatment craft namely

Fresh treatment: It is to point to use work holothurian and direct boil through water (high pressure is low-pressure perhaps) after treatment is good, refrigerant store for sale, treatment link is simple, nutrient value reservation also wants complete, mouthfeel bright slippery Q plays moisture content low, fishy smell slightly low.

Feed namely what is having a way holothurianly?

Water delivers treatment: Water hair is holothurian be after showing it is good to be sent with dry holothurian bubble, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Forum of Shanghai night net
Refrigerant store for sale. Water hair feeds holothurian quality stand or fall to depend on namely fight holothurian quality, market works holothurian existence now numerous quality problem, add candy for instance, add salt, add the problem such as additive to bring about water hair to eat holothurian nutrition prediction of a person’s luck in a given year namely thereby even serious. Water hair is holothurian still having a problem is incontinent water epispastic go up, exemple those who be like a 60g of 8 centimeters of weight is holothurian, can bubble hair amounts to left and right sides of 100g of 13 centimeters of weight to length, this kind holothurian taste mouthfeel soft glutinous, touch broken, do not have fishy smell basically.

Contain add half ripe unripe holothurian: This kind holothurian it is current market worst machines means one kind, means of this kind of treatment needs 1-2 only jin work is holothurian can machine give 1 jin to be fed namely holothurian. Because of when machining, used alkaline etc, do not drop when treatment say, not contractible. And taste a few harder than wanting holothurianly normally, do not know holothurian person to often think by accident very Q, it is a kind of quality is the poorest actually feed namely holothurian, normally cost a few yuan just. The characteristic of this kind of treatment is common cuticular hair is acerbity do not slip, fishy smell lay particular stress on!

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