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Article introduction

Hyacinth bean bud is the bean sprouts that forms by hair of hyacinth bean bubble, it is the bean sprouts of seldom edible in the life, ferial the bean sprouts that place has li of people is commonly by gram or the gram bud that hair of soya bean bubble forms and soya bean bud. Hyacinth bean bubble sends formation bean sprouts, a lot of people had not eaten not only, the likelihood sees repeatedly had not seen. The flavour of hyacinth bean bud is very actually delicate also, a bit is not defeated to be mixed at soya bean bud gram bud. Bud of hyacinth bean of cold and dressed with sause is hyacinth bean bud is classical have one of ways. So, how is bud of hyacinth bean of cold and dressed with sause done?

Hyacinth bean bud how cold and dressed with sause

The practice of bud of hyacinth bean of cold and dressed with sause

Raw material: A few of hyacinth bean bud, leek, chili, pink of oil of salt, vegetable, Chinese prickly ash is right amount.


1, hyacinth bean bud is cleaned in cold water diffuse, in the quick-boil in boiled water boiler; of fish out of 1 minute of bells

2, the fish out after fast in boiled water boiler quick-boil irons leek, put the; in cold water

3, leek is cut paragraph, chili cuts into shreds, good bean sprouts is put dish in, put; of pink of a bit Chinese prickly ash

4, fry boiler to burn the boil in water for a while that heat up oil to arrive on dish, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Mix divide evenly can.

Hyacinth bean bud how cold and dressed with sause

The effect of hyacinth bean bud and action

1, filling taste

Hyacinth bean bud withheld the major nutrition part in hyacinth bean, can rise to benefit after people edible of taste1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Action, can dehumidify be good at lienal, mix to indigestion vomiting and disgusting wait for a symptom to have alleviate well effect, additionally hyacinth bean bud returns heat of can clear hot need, in summer edible can have the effect that suffers heatstroke to precaution.

2, provide nourishment

Hyacinth bean bud is effect of a kind of nutrition is particularly outstanding feed capable person, it can be human body to carrySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Wait for kind of nutrition composition for portion of protein, candy and calcium and iron, also can offer for human body at the same time a variety of vitamins and enzymatic kind of composition, can contented body becomes the need of cent to a variety of different nutrition, to raising human body be good atOnLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Kang Shuiping has very big gain.

Hyacinth bean bud how cold and dressed with sause

3, raise body immunity force

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Hyacinth bean bud can increase the immune capacity of human body, the fights corpuscular agglutinin to be able to raise lymphocyte active inside it, increase disease-resistant poisonous capacity of the cell, have very good precaution effect to cellular canceration, additionally hyacinth bean bud also has very big gain to cancer patient, can control the second birth of cancer cell, to cancer diffuse to have very good counteractive effect with illness aggravation.

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