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Boiler is a lot of people are preferred eat, the type of chaffy dish is exceedingly much also, e.g. hemp hot chaffy dish, fish chaffy dish, fungus chaffy dish is waited a moment, the expressional form of boiler bottom is a few morer, OK also by the tomato boiler that make it abstains, bit more tomato should prepare above all when making tomato boiler copy, such chaffy dish tastes have very good appetitive effect, accelerating digestive side effect also is very pretty good.

Contain tomato boiler copy

Contain tomato boiler copy


Advocate makings: Tomato one pile, onion smaller part

Contain tomato boiler copy

Condiment: Green ginger garlic, salt 3 spoon, candy 1 spoon, gallinaceous essence 1 spoon, balm 3 spoon, hemp any of several hot spice plants ten, anise two, treasure of soup of domestic Le Nong (beef flavour)


1, handle tomato, it is OK on tomato to be irrigated with boiling water skin of tomato of easy take out, the saline souse that puts 1/3 tablespoon in tomato reserves.

2, green, garlic cuts end, ginger cuts into shreds, onion is cut small finely.

3, boiler enters bottom oil (the balm) that I use, garlic of ginger of hemp any of several hot spice plants, green, onion is broken explode sweet, put tomato stir-fry before stewing to fry, wait for a large number of clear water are added after frying juice giving soup, add to see boiler of put out a fire of your home disappear have a few people, the person is added more more some, than us at ordinary times the quantity adding water of chaffy dish wants much smaller bowl.

4, put onion paragraph, candy of treasure of anise, hoosh, 1 spoon, medium baking temperature is boiled make 15 minutes, face salt and gallinaceous essence of life are put before involving fire.

Small hang

1, tomato should be hit with arrange machine, machine of my home arrange is returned in the country the United States is being put, can boiling the squash tomato that in controlling a process, keeps with ladle only.

2, outside there is too much additive inside the chaffy dish footing that sell, use this formula later, come again next time a hemp hot pot.

Practice 2

With makings

Advocate makings: Tomato 4

Complementary makings: Green a garlic 4 ginger 3 white sugar him basis of salt of one small spoon mouthLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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When the dosage of the fried dish

Contain tomato boiler copy

1. prepares all wanting that use feed capable person, clean completely

2. tomato top delimitsShanghai Long Feng forum

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Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Crossed reserve

3. is irrigated with hot water very hot delimit very crossed tomato, immerse half minutes (good wash a hot bath not easily, not anxious go out)

4. tomato strip, show a body

5. tomato is cut small reserve

The heat in 6. boiler is oily, fry sweet garlic piece with Jiang Pian, put onion piece, put tomato fast, exceed arenaceous soup (tomato juice)

The one part juice of 7. tomato came out, put white sugar, salt, ketchup (Shang Genggong has sell photograph)

8. all condiment is put fry a few times join soup-stock, using clear water without soup-stock also is have taste very much

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