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, the amylaceous content of yam is very high, it is the raw material of the seed powder of Gorgon euryale that make, and yam still can be machined make all sorts of delicate fastfood, for example, yam it is people has as a child big delicate, this kind of delicate method that make is very simple, everybody can learn, yam looks below what does the method that make have.

Yam what does the method that make have?

Yam it is the strip provision that yam makes. Colour and lustre is general and golden, smell is sweet, have tenacity, chew an in high spirits to. It is one of snacks that teenager children loves. Fiber is contained in yam more, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, potassium, β is contained in yam – C of carotene, folic acid, vitamin and vitamin B6, these 5 kinds of composition all conduce to disease of precautionary heart and vessels. Potassium conduces to liquid of human body cell and electrolyte balance, maintain normal blood pressure and heart function.

Yam what does the method that make have?

Yam the method that make one:

A small yam cut strip, air, again abluent, evaporate is ripe, sunny weather, put to the outside insolation, without the sun, have to waste drying of a few briquets. Bask in (carbonado) yam also must hold measure, bask in too passed, hard be like iron, the tooth is bad person, do not chew a long time; Bask in time is not quite, criterion moisture is too much, become moldy easily, adverse collect.

Yam what does the method that make have?

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1, the yam that prepares a big hearts, the yam blast of hearts comes out taste is sweet, yam flay is abluent swing go water portion;

2, cut yam little finger quality of work, Shanghai noble baby

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Also can cut yam into Xiaoding or flake, can love according to oneself, those who consider the model that cut what is OK, just do not cut too big; 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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3, put inside boilerForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Oily, but many somes more right amount, heat up most probably probably when the oily smoke that risk blueness, enter potato;

4, wait for yam after float rises, involve fire small, slowly scamper, in the process of scamper, dial slowly with the chopstick move yam, make its be heated even, scamper comes out color is more good-looking;

5, wait for potato scamper comes golden color, can give boiler to install dish.

6, a delicious scamper yam had been done, can eat when snacks, also can dip in according to individual taste ketchup or confiture eat.

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