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Black garlic is a kind of has machined garlic, also be called ferment black garlic, it is to point to be made between barmy process with fresh unripe garlic and become. Protect the effect of gymnastical body respectForum of Shanghai night net

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It is if really notForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Wrong, sulfide is contained inside, have effect of digestive of stimulative bowel path, can enhance the immune power of airframe, it is certain to have prevent cancer to defy cancer and the result that defy consenescence, eat appropriately a few, still can fight exhaustion, the action that protecting respect of heart head blood-vessel is very good also.

Do you know effect of black garlic effect

1, fight cancer

Abroad considers to discover, the compound containing sulfur in black garlic can promote bowel to produce a kind enzymatic or the matter that calls garlic smelly element, through enhancing airframe immunity ability, block breaks fat to had pledged oxidation is formed reach fight many way such as mutation, eliminate the material in bowel to cause the hazard of alvine path tumour. But, still need to produce what such how much enzymatic ability develops black garlic effectively to fight tumor action unexpectedly without legal canvass at present.

2, fight anile action

The certain component in black garlic, have similar vitamin E and vitamin C fight oxidation, prevent anile character.

3, fight fatigue action

Somebody considers to discover pork contains a lot ofone of food of vitamin B1, and vitamin B1 and the black garlic element that black garlic contains are united in wedlock together, can very good play removes the effect of fatigue, refection.

Do you know effect of black garlic effect

4, protect a heart and vessels.

Epidemiology studies the result shows, in everybody average and daily eat unripe garlic the area of 20 grams, the occurence rate that the crowd dies because of disease of heart head blood-vessel is apparent under the area that gives birth to garlic habit without edible.

(the oil of essence of life that 1) resists thrombus considers to discover black garlic is medium is had control plaque agglomerate function, achieve the result that prevents thrombosis.

(2) reduces hematic fat clinical research shows as a result, suffer the person that try daily edible gives birth to garlic 50 grams, alcohol of total bravery of the serum after taking 6 days repeatedly, glycerine of 3 fat and cholesterol of low density lipoprotein contain1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Quantity all apparent under the content before the experiment.

(3) reduces blood to stick consistency to many research show smoking and excessive drinking, can make blood sticks consistency to increase apparently, but if at the same time edible gives birth to garlic, can offset partly this one undesirable action.

(4) reduces blood pressure to spend hypertensive patient gently, if eat the black garlic of bubble of vinegar of a few valve in the morning everyday, drink juice of two spoon vinegar, hypertensive patient blood pressure can be reduced after half moon. In addition, often the hypertensive patient of edible unripe garlic, also reduce with blood pressure benignantly.

Do you know effect of black garlic effect

5, antiseptic action:

Black garlic is bacteriophage of natural plant wide chart, black garlic contains the black garlic element of 2% about, black garlic element has very powerful antiseptic effect, after it enters human body as can sour as Guang ammonia of the bacterium reaction generates crystallization shape precipitation, the sulfur that destroys bacterial place to need the Qiu in amino biology base, make bacterial metabolization appears disorder, cannot breed thereby with unripeForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

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The antiseptic ability of black garlic is the 1/10 of penicillin, be like a grape to a variety of pathogenic bacteria coccus, meningitis, pneumonic, streptococcic reach bacili of diphtheria, dysenteric, typhoid fever, paratyphoid, n/med tuberculosis and choleraic vibrio, the inhibition that Dou Youming shows or bowstring action.

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