Li Zongwei 2019 newest reappear to time decides or meet with Lin Dan Tokyo Olympic Games

From last year diagnose is nose in September after cancer, li Zongwei of Malaysia badminton famous general affects the heart of whole world fan all the time. New Year during, took superintend and director to accept native media ” the star signs up for ” special interview, he plans to make public contest to reappear in the Malaysia April.

The Christmas holiday before this, li Zongwei heads for Taiwan further consultation with a doctor, as a result indication cancer has gotten keep within limits. Do not pass a ground doctor’s advice, li Zongwei can undertake with the force of 30% the gender trains re上海龙凤论坛sh1f

sumptive only. As to when can undertake round-the-clock training, still need to wait for the Spring Festival to be checked to Taiwan again afterwards.

This is a good beginning. Li Zongwei resumes a course to his well-content, I may begin to train in the 2nd week of January, main concentration restores physical ability in gymnasium. Technical training is not 爱上海同城

afraid, it is placed over, it is not difficult that new pick up comes.

Treat actually in Taiwan before a week, li Zongwei drips with sweat in private feather field of the friend; But the 3rd week when arrived to treat, li Zongwei begins ability not equal to one’s ambition, can exercise in the gym of apartment only. Wait for end cure to return Malaysia, li Zongwei is in what heart of physiotherapy division mulberry pulls to help next undertaking that force trains all the time.

Begin afresh, for earlier to restoring Li Zongwei very difficult really. Some people hope I am exited thoroughly, but some people encourage me to continue to be hit. If try repeatedly,can try, I can regret. Li Zongwei says frankly, healthy now problem is my urgent affairs, I need to notice food eats vegetable more, eat seafood less.

If everything is successful, li Zongwei will be in the Malaysia of 2-7 day made public contest to reappear in April, he once ask上海贵族宝贝交流区

ed a vessel 12 times the champion of this match. And the Su Di by May graceful cup is likewise crucial, that will be the integral of the first Olympic Games after reappear surpasses Li Zongwei.

From contract cancer up to now, li Zongwei is already absent include the open game such as Asia Game and China, Hong Kong, Denmark, its world rank already slid the 23rd. Speak of a world situation during absent, li Zongwei thinks peach Tianxian fights will be Tokyo Olympic Games to gain the championship to be heated up greatly, and the condition of An Sailong and Lin Dan drops somewhat.

Respecting forest red, li Zongwei very expect as old as this rival assembles in an Olympic Games: He (Lin Dan) also be in struggle to issue the qualification of an 上海同城对对碰交友社区

Olympic Games. If we can assemble in Tokyo twice, that is too marvelous.

Besides the veteran that continues to stand fast, li Zongwei still is full of to young player expect. 20 years old of Li Zijia depend on Taiwan feather ball super the champion of 300 contest, during making Li Zongwei absence the Malaysia player that wins male single championship exclusively. Li Zongwei expresses, it is very easy to win 9 championships, but the position that has held just is real challenge.

Finally, li Zongwei shared his New Year aspiration. I hope one year more good 2019. My hope is healthy, also hope everybody can have taken care of him. Li Zongwei says, I hope to be able to be mixed wife spend good time in all, the hope is in brand-new Malaysia, keep abreast of hand in hand in each domains besides sports.

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Zongwei or attend 2020 Li Zongwei of Tokyo Olympic Games or will announce to retire on November 8 cancer 阿拉爱上海同城

of Li Zongwei nose pharynx already recovered: Li Zongwei nose cancer already heal is the earliest next year in Feburary original title of return competition ground: Li Zongwei plans big in April Marseilles to reappear long for with Lin Dan again responsibility of battle Tokyo Olympic Games edits: Lin Xin is firm

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