” super- can dare-to-die troops ” new premonitory video ” hammer elder brother ” suffer soul appendages

Now, intermediary brought Suo Ni for us outside new piece ” super- can dare-to-die troops ” the 2nd prevue, in prevue we can see a lot of pattern the soul of each different is ghostliness, and our hammer elder brother is to suffer more appendages.

First prevue basically explained 4 heroine people and downstage small Gekelisihaimusiwosi these kind of part, this prevue basically was shown attack the soul that covers an area of a ball in a large-scale people. They appear and disappear each corners of the city, razziaed even orgiastic clique is opposite open of square of new York times, optional appendages controls human operation, the stage is small before the Yan Zhi that connects dare-to-die troops takes on Gekelisihaimusiwosi is unfortunate also medium, mode of instantaneous switch slow-witted bud.

” super- can dare-to-die troops ” it is to go up the series movies that 80 time heat up the century greatly ” the dare-to-die troops that catch spirit ” restart edition, suo Ni is bold enable complete female to act the leading role, told about You Meili Sha case of Wei of the Maikaxi, Si Ting in the gram, Kaitemaikejin farming with Lesley. After first prevue exposure, the sexual distinction of the hero inverts and adapt the dissatisfaction that caused original filmgoer thoroughly, the most difference that obtained the prevue on Youtube history is judged.

” exceed can dare-to-die troops ” by ” spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ” black clothes person ” the risk of newest science fiction that the group makes is big. By ” female spy ” ” a matron of honour ” director Paul expends case hold guide, will land North America on July 15 certainly, domestic hopeful is introduced.

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