Client of Oculus Rift purchase in advance will is faced with be as long as the delay in delivery of a few months

 According to the report, client of Oculus Rift purchase in advance is faced with be as long as the delay in delivery of a few months. After Oculus Rift is announcing package accident is in short supply, postponed date of Oculus Rift shipment a month longer even. Show according to the card of Reddit, those are in activity of purchase in advance that day is the with respect to Oculus Rift of purchase in advance clients inside the first hour express even, they obtain new shipment date to differ to June from May.

Oculus company is at the beginning of April send email to client of Oculus Rift purchase in advance, inform these of the client to delivery wants to spend more time. Now, some clients are mirrorred, their deliver goods time adjourns from March at the beginning of May, even June, and other client is mirrorred originally the date of delivery May adjourns June, if you order Oculus Rift now, the date of delivery that Oculus company gives out is probable will be August. To this, oculus company had made compensation, those amount are in the order of 600 dollars above, will discharge 50 dollars freight.

Same, HTC Vive is some earlier this month moment encountered a few problems in processing order, but HTC expresses, delivery of helmet of HTC Vive virtual reality won’t adjourn. HTC expresses between a Bo Wen last week: Your HTC Vive system will affirm the month shipment that email points out in order. Aobulaien is pushing Daniel of vice-president of HTC virtual reality to go up especially express: If you are received,confirming shipment date was April, you can receive your HTC Vive in April absolutely.

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