” dream swims on the west ” star player has phonated think you are magical Qu Xin is deduced hot

Recently, first one are ” dream has swum to think you on the west ” network of divine Qu Dagong, its amiable libretto lets a lot of ” dream swims on the west ” the players of computer edition sound feeling with experience, remember oneself dream is experienced. It is reported, this ” dream has swum to think you on the west ” it is by the person that create formerly yellow Ming Zhigen occupies a singer Zhu Zhuai’s game experiences 4 foliaceous grass, in 4 leaves careless Zhu Zhuai ” think you very much ” the song that has 2 times creating on the foundation, conveyed Zhu Zhuai to regard as ” dream swims on the west ” a variety of affection experiences of player of computer edition game, be experienced together.

Believe great majority ” dream swims on the west ” computer edition player, total in game meeting is met so a few let a person cannot not think, or the friend that concern friendship or concerns love. Encounter such person, a game always is happy. When the other side is absent, total meeting awaits the other side subliminally to appear, a game. And 4 leaves careless Zhu Zhuai uses Malaysia singer her sound, deduced her ” dream swims on the west ” computer edition experience, simple lyric, be full of affective experience, let a person cannot help following one case hum sing, such brainwashing god music, make your aftertaste boundless absolutely.

Afterwards ” dream swims on the west ” computer edition spokesman forest explode newlier oneself oneself are senior game player later, more and more star players obscure his identity no longer, gather together phonate. The beautiful girl of 19 years old of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that 4 leaves careless Zhu Zhuai is a Malaysia, her ” think you very much ” in roll out initial stage, because small fresh jolly air air cooperates the singing with nifty and ringing Joyce, let this song be in a week explode red network. Add dream nowadays what elemental hind swims on the west is brand-new deduce after the line on each old music platform such as cloud music, was to draw much attention more.

” dream swims on the west ” player of computer edition star besides forest outside the star big Ga of these well known such as newer, Zhou Jielun, still numerous star player also is discovered by the players of piercing eye, wait like the modest when Xue of red compere Ou Di, singer.

Swim as national class net, ” dream swims on the west ” computer edition is had 310 million register an user, highest at the same time online amount to 2.71 million, there is group of faction, home, community, group inside game, marry wait for about a hundred kinds of socialization to play a way. Huge user cardinal number and rich socialization play a way, let a person be in dreamy world, have friend photograph partner everywhere, have affection communication constantly, be full of joyous sound to laugh language. Be in 2016 summer vacation time, will roll out a mobile phone to go up more ” dream swims on the west ” computer edition each other is connected edition, let your evermore get offline no longer! At any time and place happy game!

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