All alone Ni Shengmo Ni gets stuck: Series of the Ares in developing 3A actively to be made newly is traditional

Not long ago alls alone Ni Shengmo Ni blocks atelier to express to be made newly be about to start working, and had begun to be this PS4 to make recruit new employee newly. Holy Mo Ni blocked atelier to bring this partial news that makes newly for us on GDC 2016 now, an understanding falls.

Atelier is making publicity state atelier has about 200 people when the talk, but separate the small group that controls for 10 people mostly, the number of these small groups is morer than Ares group, across cooperates between each other, also have intense emotion more neatly more.

Brunt group is in at present the positive development 3A of day after day is made newly, but also have a few pretty good couple, a lot of exterior / the work that hatch group brings them from Europe or Japan undertakes North America this locality change, this is very interesting also have particular risk.

” Ares ” the tradition that is atelier all the time. In future, their task is to develop 3A your work not only, in taking the legacy of Ares all sorts of other items even.

In-house now group has 40 game stylist about, pursueing different job respectively. The stylist everybody of atelier is acting Shengmonika quite professional part.

Not follow the general trend, be brave in to innovate is atelier of card of holy Mo Ni an important principle, the member goes all lengths to turn the think of a way of game chief inspector into reality, make the best game together. Of course, the culture of atelier special all sorts of idea that urge development group and originality.

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