As if entered different world? The player discovers ” thunderbolt biff ” map Bug

” thunderbolt biff ” appeared since put on sale many problems, players can discover this game is in Chinese change go up to always can appear a few occurrence mistakes, and again many players explode now piece ” thunderbolt biff ” the map appeared Bug, occasionally they cannot see any the earth’s surface stick a graph even, and the ground also became a white, resembling is like entering different world. According to the feedback of players, the map name of occurrence Bug is ” forbidden zone (Contraband) ” , player _pepsi_ undertakes is opposite in this map war, discover what the foot falls to stick a graph to disappear suddenly disappear, the color of plantar ground and sky are very similar, this player states he ases if drop into terrestrial elfland, entered wonderful different world, also player play says: Had been not killed by the enemy, oneself went up to the sky above all. Still have report of a few players additionally, the operation in if the player is in,fighting is inadvertent, and be apart from a few buildings very close word, very possible meeting is stayed in by card, meet next the helplessly sword that looks at the enemy falls from upper part howl, the bow hand of far perhaps place should do vivid target to undertake attacking killing euqally. Must say, although these Bug give a few players to bring amuse oneself to experience the bad influence that go up, but will look from another angle, some Bug also let game become more happy really below specific setting.

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