Falcom is announced ” Yi Su 9 ” new detail ” Yi Su 5 ” hopeful refashion

Recently, ocean of season of Falcom president close cane announces more ” Yi Su 9 ” pertinent information, also spoke of at the same time ” Yi Su ” the trend of series future, read specific content together. In activity of 2019(Dengeki Game Festival) of celebration of electrical shock game, ocean of season of president close cane spoke of past dynasties ” Yi Su ” the leading role in work age issue of Yatelu. Is his first set: ? Become warped Mi car takes postscript to exhibit?3 of  of comfortable land Yao one years, after this Yatelu was missing, and also do not have a person again witting his circumstances. At the same time ” Yi Su ” game setting basically is chief source to design in one Europe ” Eresia mainland ” , yatelu explored whole mainland between his lifetime, left many 100 to describe the travel notes that he takes a risk to experience at the same time. And be in at present already of put on sale ” Yi Su ” in series work, romance course still has not cross Yatelu half. Close cane is mentioned in the interview, the Yatelu that the employee classics regular meeting of Falcom says to they make the age very hard bigger becomes play protagonist, appear to be used in game nevertheless ” red mustache Yatelu ” will replace ” red hair Yatelu ” also be a good idea. According to this one tentative idea, close cane mentioned another kind of possibility: The Yatelu that makes the age bigger appears in prospective game also is possible, the youth that does not spend so that adore Yatelu or the chela that are him with another regards game as leading role. Making newly ” Yi Su 9 ” in, yatelunian age for 24 years old. The employee as a result of Falcom people want to design a large city very much, it is so in this game setting design, they make the design of Balduk city more true and vivid as far as possible. This at the same time Yatelu also will settle at this city in the center, because because of a few special accounts he can be not made public normally,inhabit here nevertheless. Be worth what carry is, yatelu often is to encounter consciousness is lost after the shipwreck in adventurous course, be saved to come down by all sorts of girls next, be in nevertheless ” Yi Su 9 ” in can use similar a little different however set. In the activity, close cane also replied to concern take the place of first ” Yi Su ” refashion problem, the refashion of hope of a lot of employee of his Falcom ” Yi Su 5 ” , nevertheless a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch want however ” Yi Su 1/2 ” refashion edition. At present Falcom still fails to make final decision, but close cane complement says he thinks refashion very much really ” Yi Su 5 ” , be in especially rescript gut this. Falcom expresses to had begun to use a trends to take a skill in game, the player will be being made newly ” Yi Su 9 ” see a few distinct effects. Close cane expresses, in developing a process they also encountered a few challenges: Because ” Yi Su 9 ” with past dynasties work, it is work of RPG of movement of a high speed, move catching gotten authenticity result still is not too good, at present nevertheless they are being worn force solves these problems. ” Yi Su 9 ” will be in Summer 2019 PS4 platform put on sale, expect please.

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