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Article introduction

The lochia after stream of people is little this kind of circumstance is because of what be pregnant time is compared likely short, and a week after stream of people can bleed, and as time slowly disappear. Lochia contains a lot of types, lochiaForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The time that needs 3 months left and right sides just can return to normal. The lochia after stream of people is rare what reason, everybody can understand the content of article introduction.

 The lochia after stream of people is little

The circumstance that bleeds after stream of people, according to be pregnant day number differs, time and situation are different also. Hind of stream of people has the time of the haemorrhage of 7-14 day commonly, but shift to an earlier date or also having is the circumstance after pushing, haemorrhage is so a bit less also be normal.

It how long the lochia after stream of people calculates completely is normal how long the lochia after stream of people calculates completely? Normal lochia is in clinical on cent is 3 kinds: Lochia of courage and uprightness,

One, lochia of courage and uprightness

Lochia of courage and uprightness can be commonly inside the 1-4 day after operation of stream of people eduction, its capacity is much, color is bright red, main bag contains organization of film of blood, exuviate and mucus in composition, its state system has very large similar part with menstruation. Measure normaller period to want many a little bit, the part still is accompanied have clot.

 The lochia after stream of people is little

2, serous sex lochia

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the eduction inside 4-6 day, color appears damask, contain in composition a few blood, mucus and more vagina secretion, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Ministry branch is accompanied have a bacterium.

3, white lochia

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White lochia is much a week after abortive operation controls eduction, its color whiter or appear flaxen, interior contains cell of film of many leucocyte, exuviate and bacterium, character is the same as leucorrhoea, but measure normaller leucorrhoea to want many a little bit.

The inducement of ungodliness of the lochia after stream of people

1, group fabric remains

If the patient is accompanied,have the disease such as tumour of flesh of uterine deformation, uterus, or it is an operation the operation is undeserved, all can bring about gravid group fabric to cannot be kept clear of completely, stop thereby in palace antrum. Right now the patient is divided have lochia ungodliness besides, still can accompany have blast a celiac keenly feel.

 The lochia after stream of people is little

2, palace antrum infection

The tub inside short time of hind of stream of people, premature of the same branch of a family or it is wholesome cleanness the job does not reach the designated position etc, can cause palace antrum infection. Right now lochia companion of the patient has certain stink, by press abdomen to have aching feeling, the patient still has calorific wait for a symptom.

3, palace shrinks lack of power1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Inadequacy recuperates after stream of people, or the body is frail, easy generation palace shrinks lack of power problem, also can bring about the circumstance with incessant lochia to appear so.

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