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The schoolgirl arrived 13, 14 years old or so, can enter adolescence, at the same time their body also is met germinate, meeting slowly occurrence secondary sex characteristic. The schoolgirl of this moment’s most apparent change is bosom and buttock begin to greaten slowly, the feature that belongs to a female becomes apparent. But because some schoolgirls are certain reason, 14 years old when bosom is exceedingly smooth still, namely so called smooth bosom. So, how should bosom of 14 years old of female lives do?

How do 14 years old of smooth bosoms do

1, 14 years old of smooth bosoms need not worry

Bosom of 14 years old of female lives need not worry, actually a lot of schoolgirls is 14 years old when be smooth bosom, especially a few slant poor woman student may appear such circumstance will be more, also be normal so, major nevertheless1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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schoolgirl bosom is to be in 12 years old or so actually with respect to germinate, also can a few make apparent change, but the period with bigger change is 14 years old arrive 15 years old when, of course this is a common phenomenon only, a lot of schoolgirls belong to late-maturing, the development of bosom may be in of adolescence hind a few years of growth are rapidder, also need not worry too so.

How do 14 years old of smooth bosoms do

2, nutrient complement

The development key of bosom still depends on nutrient complement, a lot of thin poor woman student always gives a person the sense with a kind of bad development, because reduce weight,do not want so and carry feed or be on a diet, must notice nutrition absorb, bosom is adipose for the most part actually, so adipose with the egg1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Necessary, be eaten a few contain high protein feedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Content, development of the bosom after menstruation comes can become a few faster, it is good to be about to notice to adjust at that time hormone is secreted, food should have the law, nutrition wants balanced, arrived to grow the body when, want to have a meal more.

How do 14 years old of smooth bosoms do

3, take exercise appropriately

The development that exercises pair of bosom actually is advantageous, especially the motion of a few upper limbs, can exercise the muscle of bosom, can promote the growth of bosom, and had better be hold to everyday. Can massage to the breast appropriately at ordinary times, the development of stimulative bosom, do not cross close underwear, the space of age development of 14 years old is returned very1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Need not worry too so greatly, optimistic heartShanghai noble baby

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Voice, the habits and customs with good nurturance.

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